Product Development

SAP NetWeaver is an open technology platform. It offers a comprehensive set of technologies that are natively integrated to support the critical capabilities that IT organizations need. At InfoPath Systems, we value the customer effort and help in deciding on whether to build or buy a solution. With our excellent packaged solutions in the leading NetWeaver components such as XI, MDM, EP, CAF, BI and KW, organizations can use our integration, reporting, data management tools to implement solutions to critical IT pain points in a low-cost step-by-step approach without compromising their flexibility to deliver business process requirements. 
  • Tools for Planning, Monitoring, and Reporting 

  • Interface Objects – Develop XI Adapters, Connectors 

  • Composite Application Framework (CAF) – For complex business scenarios that require Applications using Composite Applications Framework. Every corporation has their own signature process to accommodate the several needs of their customer. In this process, the systems grow more and more complex and spread out. Using SAP’s Composite Application Framework (CAF) for developing guided applications, InfoPath Systems team delivers complex scenarios as simple guided applications. We use the Enterprise Service Architecture (ESA) framework, Enterprise Portal (EP) and Web services with CAF to develop guided business process application. With the ability to quickly adapt to the fast changing business scenarios, you are free to focus on your business strategy than to spend your valuable resources in IT development. We take care of your complex IT needs 

  • Master Data Management: SAP knows the problems of maintaining master data in complex IT landscapes. MDM product and tools developed using MDM API from SAP help you to manage your valuable IT asset. MDM tools from InfoPath Systems empower you to make it easy to 

  • BI Tools developed using BI Java API from SAP to cater to the specific needs of KPI reporting and Strategic Enterprise Management 

Our products are aligned with the pragmatic path towards Enterprise Service Architecture that will ultimately allow the customers to achieve higher business flexibility. At InfoPath Systems, we have platform, resources and tools to deliver, implement and support our products with minimum cost and maximum benefits to the customers.


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