Business Consulting

The management consulting service of InfoPath Systems, supports customers of all industries in identifying, modeling and implementing innovative value creation structures. InfoPath Systems Business Consulting addresses the key question of business benefits derived from IT. This is done with a non-exclusive focus, on SAP applications and services. Our interface is the senior management of IT organizations and the business process owners. We commonly act as the translator between IT and the business, leveraging the industry experience of our consultants and the product knowledge of SAP. 

Based on strategic skills and analysis, the creation of value for SAPīs clients by InfoPath Systems Business Consulting consists in the: 
  • Development and conversion of advanced business process and IT strategies 

  • Rollout of best-practice business processes and innovative technology solutions

  • Preparation of investment decisions based on detailed consideration of business cases 

  • Realization of cost savings (TCO) and process efficiency (TVO) 

  • Comprehensive project and change management during the entire lifecycle of IT solutions 

  • Strategic Planning/Analysis 

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Business Process Optimization 

  • Change Management 


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